October 4th Speaker Meeting

When: October 4th, 7:00 PM-8:45 PM
Where: Vaughan Elementary School   
21st century technologies have opened new paths for success, and gifted students’ curosity and intense interests make them uniquely suited to blaze these new trails. At the same time, gifted characteristics such as perfectionism and imposter syndrome can hold them back. We will discuss how parents and teachers can support students, empowering them to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Join us for the FIRST Allen Gifted speaker meeting of the year on Oct. 4th, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Vaughan Elementary!! We are very excited to bring Ian Byrd (byrdseed.tv) from California to be our first guest speaker this year! Ian Byrd is the founder of Byrdseed.com – a gifted education resource used by gifted teachers all over the world. Ian is a former gifted teacher and now a gifted education consultant and expert. He develops curriculum, content and videos that provide extra learning for gifted kids. For the last several years, Allen Gifted has provided a subscription to all AIM teachers for this program. His presentations at gifted conferences are usually standing-room only — we are very excited to have him come to Allen to speak!

After his presentation, we will have announcements about upcoming program opportunities for Allen Gifted. Then, we will get to take a tour of the new GATE facility, Allen ISD’s first gifted academy (located at Vaughan).

We look forward to seeing you all!